Biff ZongoBiff Zongo is the main character of the comic. He is the world’s biggest wrestling fan and lives with his wife and son in Gaysport, Ohio. Biff has an office job at Zaboo World Dominance Inc.

Agneta ZongoAgneta Zongo is Biff’s lovely wife. She’s a stay-at-home-wife and take cares of the home and their son Kabongo Zongo. She is originally from the northern part of northern Sweden.

Stingo SlimeballStingo Slimeball is Biff’s best friend. He sees himself as a renaissance man and the world’s greatest lover. Other people see him as a big fat smelly perverted green blob. He is currently self-employed in the porno distribution business. Stingo is originally from the planet Zoonobia and is very proud of his Zoonobian heritage.

Mr ZabooMr Zaboo (also called Lord Zaboo, Emperor Zaboo etc.) is Biff’s boss and a very, very evil man indeed. Mr Zaboo is originally from the planet Zalzhar (Zalzharians see humans as pets, toys or food). Zalzharians and Zoonobians are natural enemies. He titles himself as: “His Excellency, Space Emperor, President of Zaboo World Dominance incorporated and the Earth for life. Conqueror of the Milky Way Galaxy in General and the puny planet of Earth and all of its habitants in particular. Lord of All Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea… And all other stuff as well”.

Coco The Crazy ClownCoco The Crazy Clown is a 300 pound homicidal maniac wrestler. That is all we know about him. And that’s all we wanna know about him!

Björn & ThorbjörnBjörn and Thorbjörn are Agnetas younger brothers. They come from a long line of bear-stranglers (in the northern part of northern Sweden the bears are too tough to shoot, they have to be strangled). Strangled bears are used to make Volvo cars and IKEA products.