I was sitting in my sofa with my son in my lap and we were playing a game on the Iphone. It must have been a very exciting game because suddenly it felt like it was becoming warmer and wetter. Oh no! Was he peeing on me? No that was impossible because he had a diaper. And it kind of felt like it was me, but at the same time not, but it did, but no and at the same time yes! I made this weird sound and my wife asked what it was all about. I answered: It’s getting all wet and warm I think I’m wetting myself!  But I don’t think I am! Am I!?

Well it turned out that it was a faulty diaper. So I got wet, but at least I did not wet myself. The last time was like 30 years ago… and let’s hope it’s at least 30-40 more years to the next time I wet myself.