Fredrik: There is a really nice article about me and Jan on the new site Inkers Allstars.

“Inkers Allstars” are a bunch of some of the best Swedish cartoonists. People like Max Gustafson, Nickan Jonasson, Jonas Darnell, Malin Biller, Alf Woxnerud and Jimmy Wallin. If you are not Scandinavian you have probably newer heard of any of them, but let me tell you that’s a pretty strong line up!

It is of course a huge honor for me and Jan to be the first “guest inkers” on the new page and we are really happy about it. Nickan who wrote the article are Swedish just like me and Jan so just like everything on this page it’s in Swenglish. :-)

Check it out! :-)

Jan: We provided them with an exclusive strip. So if you consider yourself a die hard Biff Zongo-fan, you simply got to move your ass over there and read it!!